If you were to ask me what I currently work, i could only answer you that I feel like a child holding a brush for the first time, having forgotten about the whereabouts of the borders of the paper it is working on. What I create is a reflection of my emotions, the impulse that guides me, the thoughts i want to seal. Sometimes, guided by the urge, I use the nearest object I can find, because it enables me to depict the things which I consider undeserving to pass away undocumented and unnoticed. My works vary from ink on paper to works with collages, mixed technique etc…
When I create, I uncover the hidden parts of my persona, I set myself free and live my own reality.I find my inspiration in my everyday life: books, movies, music, nature, art, conversations etc. I am motivated by people who live in every sense of the word. My primary goal is for the viewers to feel my work indirectly, and then to make the very same viewers think out of the margins set by society…as in the work – so in life.
I believe and strive towards contributing something different from what have yet been seen, though a simple ”language” that everyone will understand.

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